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Home owners always have little jobs that seem to rear their ugly heads at the most inconvenient times.  Have you ever thought of hiring the services of a qualified handyman to handle your home repairs on a regular basis?

The Garden Route is a beautiful area of South Africa which attracts a lot of tourists on a daily basis, naturally if your property is located in George, Mossel Bay or Wilderness then your property needs to look beautiful too.

Benefits of local handyman companies

Hiring the services of a professional handyman in the area where you live, especially in George, Wilderness or Mossel Bay has a few key benefits.

  • Local property services are affordable
  • Minimal waiting time
  • Expert advice from a building renovations handyman contractor who understands the area’s limitations
  • Peace of mind that your residential property repairs are being taken care of

Apart from the benefits listed above, many people still ask why they should hire the services of a handyman when they can do their own home repairs.

DIY vs hiring a home property maintenance company

Here are 3 great reasons why hiring is so much better, and ultimately cheaper!

home repairs and maintenance from GRHS

Top Quality Service

A handyman has a reputation to uphold so he will always do everything in his power to give you the best service possible.

Cheaper than DIY

A professional handyman will be able to handle your commercial or residential property repairs quickly and efficiently.  This works out a lot cheaper than going the DIY route simply because they are qualified and will not make mistakes.


Fixing mistakes or completing half started jobs is always more expensive than hiring the experts from the beginning.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a reliable handyman can sometimes be a daunting experience, but with our services we can guarantee you reliable service for your home or business all the time.

Many home owners in George, Wilderness and Mossel Bay are choosing to hire the services of a professional handyman to attend to their home / property maintenance, giving them the peace of mind that their homes are taken care of and the time to spend with their family and friends.

For a quotation on your home and business repairs contact one of our friendly staff.