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Wooden Decking Contractors Covering All Of George, Mossel Bay, Wilderness And Grootbrak / Kleinbrak Areas

Have you been planning to build a deck next to your swimming pool, on the terrace, on the rooftop, patio or garden side? Or are you looking to repair or renovate your existing deck ?

Our company provides complete decking solutions in and around George, Mossel Bay, Wilderness and Grootbrak/Kleinbrak. We as a decking contractor provide complete solutions like wooden decking, composite decking, tile decking, metal decking etc. We do outdoor decking jobs, rooftop decking, terrace decking, garden and patio decking jobs. Our team of expert craftsmen can make a beautiful, long lasting decking for your property which add to the beauty the space around you.


Decking is an important component of any property. It helps you utilize the space which otherwise would have been an outdoor wasteland. It also allows you to use such wasted outdoor space in all weathers and conditions. Wooden decking in the backyard between your garden and beach adds another level of mobility and usability to your property.

Outdoor decking, garden decking and rooftop decking also help keep the surface dry as decking have an excellent water drainage character. With the new age technologies like composite decking the life of decking have increased considerably and hence the value for money.

But the wooden decking still holds a special place in the design world of decking as they impart a nature’s touch to the property. One of the most natural and artistic looking surface flooring on any property is the decking. Such places are used for leisure times, parties and events and hence it very important that decking are well made, well-kept and good looking.

Our company with a team of expert and experienced craftsman, provide professional decking services in and around George, Mossel Bay, Wilderness and Grootbrak/Kleinbrak. Our company specializes in wood decking solution for gardens, patio, terrace, rooftop, pool side platform and verandah. Our decking solutions are;

  1. Built with top quality material (wood, composite, aluminium etc)
  2. Have proper support structure.
  3. Easy to maintain and repair, if required.
  4. Long lasting built and furnishing.
  5. Termite resistant.

To increase space utilization on your property by increasing floor area by using decking platforms in your terrace, garden and verandah, get in touch with us today on the contact number mentioned below.