Garden Route Fencing Contractors

Garden or Outdoor Wooden, Picket, Steel, Palisade Fencing: Wilderness, George, Grootbrak Kleinbrak, Mossel Bay, Sedgefield, Herolds bay, Rheebok & Surroundings


Wooden (And Other) Fencing Contractors covering all of George, Mossel Bay, Wilderness and Grootbrak / Kleinbrak areas.

If you are looking for wooden fencing service for your home, garden, drive way or backyard in and around George, Mossel Bay, Wilderness and Grootbrak/Kleinbrak your search ends here.

We provide professional fencing solution tailor made to your requirement. We have a team of professional expert which comprise of designer, craftsmen and experienced carpenters. We can provide a long lasting, durable and strong wooden fence for your garden, backyard or driveway which will protect your property for years to come.


The fences are available in many other materials also like iron, steel, plastic, wire mesh etc besides standard wooden fences. Our team of experts hand craft the fences and paint them properly and install them to the desired location using proper fixtures so that the fence is not just good looking but also strong to protect your property and lasts a long time. Our wooden fencing service will not just provide a good looking fence which will add charm to the beauty of your garden, driveway or backyard but also secure your property.

The wooden fences we make are;

  1. Built with high quality wood
  2. Have smooth surface and quality paint finish
  3. Well designed
  4. Strong and durable
  5. Weather resistant
  6. Termite resistant
  7. Block fitted to ground

The wooden fencings are most vulnerable as they are exposed to the outdoor environment 24×7. The wooden fences have to stand against the weather, human tampering and even a accidental damages. Hence it is very important that the wooden fences which are being installed are strong and they stay strong for a long time. A fragile or weak wooden fence or one which weakens quickly in outdoor conditions cannot serve the basic purpose of providing protection to your property. This is why it is very important that the wooden fencing which is being installed on your property is not just professional made but also professionally painted and installed. Even a well-made fence can fail if it is not properly installed.

With enormous field expertise and year of experience in painting, carpentry and maintenance our team of professionals know exactly what it take to make a 100% secure, durable and good looking wooden fencing. So reach out to us on the contact number mentioned below and get yourself the best wooden fence in the neighborhood today.