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For general maintenance and repairs around the house or office, all types of paint work, refurbishments or flooring, please get in touch with our handyman in Mossel Bay area, Contact Fanus on 071 1665724 . Click Here to View Our Services

As the owner of a property whether it is a residential home or a commercial one you know that having the services of a handyman is definitely an investment. When you are looking for a company that provides a handyman service there are a few important aspects that you need to consider.

• Experience
• Costs
• Reliability

Experience: With the handyman contractor in Mossel Bay you can be sure that you are getting a qualified handy man. A professional handyman contractor will be able to handle any handy man project and they don’t have to be exceptionally expensive.

Cost: Every handyman company has different rates. Cheap is not always the best. With our services you can get a general handyman at an affordable price.

Reliability: It is important that you are confident that your chosen handyman is reliable. When you have a project that requires a handy man you want to know that the project will be completed in a suitable time frame. Finding a local handyman that is able to provide an all round service at a good price is often very time consuming. With our services in Mossel Bay you can get your home or office handyman projects dealt with in a timely manner.

We also provide emergency handyman services for residential and commercial properties in Mossel Bay. To find a local handyman business that offers cheap rates for handyman services simply give us a call and let us help you complete your handyman jobs quickly and easily.

Mossel Bay Hardware Stores

For materials and supplies for your Mossel Bay handyman visit see these hardware stores below:

Jack's Paint Store

Waterkant Crescent
Mossel Bay
Tel: 044 693 2300
Fax: 044 693 3067

Steyn's Mica Mosselbay

50 Bland St
Mossel Bay
South Africa
Tel: 044 691 3759
Fax: 044 690 3188

DIY Depot Mossel Bay

4 Rooken Smith Street
Mossel Bay
Western Cape
South Africa
Tel: 044 695 1255
Fax: 044 695 2243

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